About Us

I am Jan Goode, owner of www.its-all-goode.com (and www.vintage-hermes-scarf.com). I am an avid purchaser/collector of Hermes scarves and shawls and try to wear all of them. If a scarf is not worn often enough to justify staying with me, it goes to a new home. Many of my friends share the same philosophy; ergo, the birth of Its-All-Goode. I do not purchase scarves strictly for resale purposes.  All items are in my possession and shipped by me from San Diego, California.

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For many years I have been relied upon in The Purse Forum Hermes Scarf Authentication Thread ("TPF") under the name "sdsurfchick."  There are also comments regarding purchase experiences here:  TPF Resale/eBay Sellers

I am an eBay seller with 100% positive feedback for its-all-goodetake a look at my feedback comments for further assurance that I am a knowledgeable seller who can be trusted.

EXTRAS: I have some booklets dating back a few years. Let me know at the time of purchase if you need one. This also goes for Le Monde Magazines.  Boxes are only available on scarves priced over $399.

GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: Feel free to contact me with questions. It is important that your choice is a good one. Refunds and trades are difficult, if not impossible.  That is not to say a mutually beneficial solution cannot be reached!   

 FEATURED on the home page:  EB Double Sens, EB Cape Cod PM, EB Alligator CDC, Monsieur et Madame Jersey, Chaine d'Ancre Enchainee Silver Cuff and Ring, Alliance Wedding Band.